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Facial Massages

Bellannina Face Lift Massage  & Microcurrent Face Lift 

Bellanina Face Lift Massage 

 Called by my client the ultimate in pampering. This is an hour and half long treatment using Facial Massage Techniques to lift and tone the facial and neck muscles manually. It includes a facial scrub, skin towel steam, honey mask, facial and neck massage, hand massage and hot stones are optional.

You choose your treatment Goals

Toning and tightening (in lieu of invasive surgery). 

Relaxing and Pampering Spa treatment

Symptomatic Relief and Healing Benefits

Preparation for upcoming events to give yourself a healthy, youthful tone and glow. 

Sessions run 90 minutes for $120.00

Microcurrent Face Lift 

A little known technology that's been around since the 1960s. Microcurrent uses a small nano current delivered to the skin, underlying tissue and muscles to increase Collagen, ADP, Elastin, Increase blood and lymph circulation, Re-educate muscles and help product to penetrate deeper into the tissue. Giving you a youthful glow and stripping years off your experience.

Microcurrent can help:

Improve muscle tone in the face and neck.

Lift jowls and eyebrows.

Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Improve facial blood circulation.

Aid in lymphatic drainage.

Enhance product penetration to treat multiple skin problems.

The number of sessions depends on your age and skin condition, but the effect is immediate. It is a cumulative process that builds upon itself, so it is recommended to do a series of treatments, followed by periodic maintenance, for best results. Typically, clients will notice a 5 to 10 or more year reduction in the appearance of facial aging, depending on how many treatments and how often they are spaced. 

You choose your treatment Goals

Toning and tightening (In Lieu of invasive surgery) 10-15 sessions is recommended. 

Relaxing and Pampering Spa Treatment for giving yourself a healthy glow boost

Preparation for upcoming events to give yourself a facial lift and tone. 

Microcurrent  Lift Area's

Neck and Facial 


Anywhere the Microcurrent is applied will tone and tighten. (It does NOT, though, cause weight loss)

Décolleté (neck and chest)

Sessions Run 45 to 60 minutes for $80.00 each

Package of 15 for $1100.00

Combining the Bellanina or Massage with the Microcurrent

Due to the fact that both Body and Facial Massage increase blood flow  to the face, combining  both Microcurrent and Bellanina increases the results of the of both.

Combining a Microcurrent with a Massage or the Bellanina Facial Massage 

$60.00 extra

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