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Guided Meditation

Makes your meditation  easier and more effective because you’ll have less to think about and more to experience. 

If you have never mediated or find it hard to get out of your own head, guided meditations are a wonderful way to reach those meditative states. 

All that is needed to do is follow along and direct your awareness to where I direct  you.

The crystal bowls and gongs are integrated into meditations are scientifically proven to transport you to a deeper, more restorative meditative state.  Specific notes and tones based on and used for your meditation during the session. These complex sounds are hard to replicated in electrics and if they are usually headphones are required to truly pick up the subtle notes and frequencies.

I offer individual sessions and group sessions from time to time along with a variety of other's out of Humble Warrior Studio

To understand what guided meditation can do for you, you first must understand the roles of both the conscious and unconscious mind and the roles they play. 

A perfect explanation is given by Rick Paris of Conscious Reality Creator  in this video -  Understanding the Three Minds

The Goal is ultimately to learn you are fully in control of your life and experiences. Guided meditation can help  you onto that road and help you move though stagnation, situations that you want to change but can't seem to get there. 

Ultimately you need to find your own path and what works for you. But these are a few of the wonderful guides I follow. 

Ester Hicks and Abraham 

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Rick Paris  

Eckhart Tolle

There are many more that I resonate with, spiritual teachers abound, listen to what your heart says when listening to someone. Everyone has their own path, and we should respect that. 

"Quiet the Mind and the Soul will Speak"

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